Giving with reason

Richard Clarke (@RichClarkePsy)

Wednesday, February 1 2017 at 7:30PM

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16 King Street

Richard Clarke (@RichClarkePsy)

What's the talk about?

 Richard is a health psychologist and avid skeptic currently conducting a PhD in the area of information seeking and vaccine hesitancy at The London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine. This talk however isn’t about that fun, interesting and perpetually terrifying topic, this talk instead is about how an idea that takes less than a minute to explain caused him to change his career path, pledge to donate 10% of his life time income to charity and start placing trust in the evidence and expertise that can best inform both of these aspects. 


Effective Altruism is the idea behind a growing movement of science and evidence minded individuals with a passion to doing as much good as they possible can. Effective Altruism involves using the head and the heart, logic and empathy, reason and compassion to systematically fight towards making the world a better place for all that live in it. As skeptics we apply critical thinking to a wide range of topics in our everyday lives however our charity and altruistic behaviours often gets a free pass. In this talk we will explore why this is the case and how a few small choices in your life can have life changing positive impact on someone else’s.