Prof. Sanjeev Krishna

Wednesday, April 5 2017 at 7:30PM

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16 King Street

Prof. Sanjeev Krishna

What's the talk about?

Professor Sanjeev Krishna is Professor of Molecular Parasitology and Professor of Medicine at St George's. He is also an honorary consultant in infectious disease and medicine.

He maintains a wide-ranging programme of research in malaria, spanning laboratory studies providing new insight into parasite biology, clinical studies aiming to refine treatments for malaria, and research into a newly discovered form of malaria transmitted to humans from monkeys. He also has strong interests in the development of new diagnostic technologies for diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis (TB), which will not only confirm the disease, but also guide the choice of most effective treatment regimes.

Professor Sanjeev will talk about how we should re-purpose more drugs and will focus on antimalarials that may now be used to treat bowel cancer.