Evolution and Aliens...

Stevyn Colgan

Wednesday, August 5 2015 at 7:30PM

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16 King Street

Stevyn Colgan

What's the talk about?

Given the bewildering variety of life on Earth – all stemming from one self-replicating molecule – can we really predict what life on other worlds is like? Maybe not. But we can imagine what it isn’t like.

Stevyn Colgan has been involved with aliens for three decades. He’s held Jabba the Hutt’s face, helped sculpt creatures for Bruce Willis to shoot at and had a script accepted for Doctor Who in the 1980s. In this entertaining talk you’ll hear about feuding gangs of scientists, film directors with less imagination than children, and the perils of concrete poo.

You’ll also come to realise that if we really are intelligently designed, the designer needs their head examined.

Stevyn Colgan is an author, artist, songwriter, speaker and oddly-spelled Cornishman. He is one of the ‘Elves’ that research and writethe popular BBC TV series QI and co-writes its sister show, The Museum of Curiosity, for BBC Radio 4.

He has given hundreds of talks across the UK and USA and is a regular at festivals and events such as Skeptics in the Pub, QEDCon, Cornbury, Hay, Cheltenham, Latitude and the Edinburgh Fringe. He is a contributor to the bestselling QI books and annuals and is the author of Joined-Up Thinking, Constable Colgan’s Connectoscope, Henhwedhlow: The Clotted Cream of Cornish Folk Tales, The Third Condiment, Why Did The Policeman Cross The Road? and co-wrote Saving Bletchley Park with Dr Sue Black.