The Environment and Science Perspective

Professor Paul Whitehead

Wednesday, April 6 2016 at 7:30PM

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16 King Street

Professor Paul Whitehead

What's the talk about?

Professor Paul Whitehead ( Professor of Water Science and Fellow of St Peter's College, Oxford) is coming to Skeptics to share his views on whether staying in the EU or not is a good idea. He is interested in talking to us about the impact of leavign the EU on Science and the Environement. Come and joinn the debate!


Professor Whitehead has served on several senior NERC committees such as the Thematic Programme Planning committees for the River Ecology Programme (NERC £8 million), Pollution Pathways Programme (NERC £8million), Land Use Research Programme (NERC £12 million), Joint NERC/AFRC Agricultural Pollution Programme (£9 million), NERC LOIS Programme (£36 million) and Environmental Diagnostics (NERC £6million). He has also been an environmental research advisor to the EU, European Governments and UNESCO. He has also worked in Nepal, Thailand, India, China, Taiwan, Brazil, Australia and the USA. He has published widely with over 90 papers in the refereed literature as well as being guest speaker at a wide range of conferences and meetings.