Professor Jane Ogden

Wednesday, May 4 2016 at 7:30PM

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16 King Street

Professor Jane Ogden

What's the talk about?

Jane Ogden is a Professor of Health Psychology at the University of Surrey where she teaches psychology, dietician, nutrition, medical and vet students to consider the role of psychological factors in behaviour, health and illness. Her research focuses on obesity management and eating behaviour, communication and women’s health. She has published 6 books, over 160 academic paper and many articles in on line and print magazines. She is also a frequent contributor to radio, TV and print media. 


The Good Parenting Food Guide (2014)
Health Psychology: a textbook (5th edition, 2012)
The psychology of eating (2nd edition, 2009)
Essential readings in Health Psychology (2007)
Health and the construction of the individual (2002)
Fat Chance: The Myth of dieting explained (1992)
Chasing the Cuba Libre - my novel! Download it for free.